Hut Weekends ...

Our regular hut weekends represent probably the best value events the club has to offer.  These are held roughly 10 times per year at a variety of amazing locations.

"Huts" are actually hostel / bunk-barn style accommodation owned by other organisations, which are let to us exclusively for the weekend - Friday and Saturday night.  Each hut accommodates between 16 and 30 people.

As with our Coach Meets, the majority of events take place in the Lake District, with popular huts in Borrowdale, Coniston, Glenridding, Patterdale and the Langdale valley.  We also have occasional huts outside the lakes and at the May and August Bank Holidays we venture further afield to North Wales, and for an extra night.

All huts have a lounge / communal area and fully equipped kitchen with all major appliances - oven, microwave, kettle, toaster etc.  Unfortunately we've yet to find one with a dishwasher so it's all hands to the marigolds for this.

Booking Information ...

Booking is essential for Hut Weekends and this is normally done at the end of the previous year by completing a hut sheet with your preferred huts.

However for new members joining through the year, or for those who would like to try one out, we hold a waiting list for each hut so it's always worth checking on availability with the Hut Secretary.

The cost is just £25 per person for the normal 2-night huts, with pricing for others decided at the time depending on numbers.

Below is a list of popular huts we we regularly visit, or have visited in the last few year, and links to their respective websites:

Raven Crag Hut, Old Dungeon Ghyll, Great Langdale. March 2016.

Hut Weekends do not involve a coach and you are expected to make your own way there - or car share  (which is recommended as parking can be limited and some huts are hard to find).

We tend to get access to the hut from about 2pm on Friday afternoon and have to vacate by around 11am on the Sunday (Monday on Bank Holiday Weekends).

Some huts are close enough to shops for provisions,  and pubs for meals, however it's not always practical (or cheap) so most attendees bring food for two evening meals (Friday and Saturday), two breakfasts (Saturday, Sunday),  and perhaps the odd bottle of wine.

Saturday is the main day for "doing something" but there are no led walks or organised routes.  However there is often a range of abilities in attendance so you won't be short of options if you don't fancy heading out on your own.

Sleeping arrangements are normally bunk beds, with separate male/female dorms with separate facilities.  A sleeping bag is required - a 2-season bag would be suitable for most huts, most of the time.  You may want a pillow too although some huts do provide these.

When departing the hut on the Sunday morning, it is expected that all attendees chip in with their fair share of chores - mopping, cleaning, etc - following our visit.

What to bring and what to expect ...